Verdyol Biotic Earth™

Reintroduces organic matter, beneficial bacteria and Mycorrhizal fungi to depleted soils while increasing moisture retention; accelerating the soil building process and nutrient cycling essential to the soil building process.

  • Supports Beneficial Microorganisms

    Biotic Soil contains beneficial microorganisms such as mycorrhizae and beneficial bacteria that enhance nutrient uptake by plants, improve soil structure, and suppress harmful pathogens.

  • Long-Term Nutrient Release

    Our blend ensures a steady supply of nutrients over time, reducing the need for frequent fertilization and promoting sustainable plant growth.

  • Water Retention and Drainage

    Biotic Soil strikes the perfect balance between water retention and drainage, reducing water waste while preventing waterlogged conditions.

Enhanced Soil Health

Biotic Soil is designed to rejuvenate depleted soils, promoting microbial activity and improving soil structure for optimal plant growth.

Improved Plant Growth

By enriching the soil with essential nutrients and promoting microbial activity, Biotic Soil fosters healthier root systems and stimulates robust plant growth.

Versatile Applications

Whether used in landscaping, gardening, agriculture, or reforestation projects, Biotic Soil is a versatile solution that can be applied to various soil types and environments.