Verdyol Biotic Earth™

Reintroduces organic matter, beneficial bacteria and Mycorrhizal fungi to depleted soils while increasing moisture retention; accelerating the soil building process and nutrient cycling essential to the soil building process.

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Hydroseeding Expert & Founder of ECBVerydol - Mark Myrowich!

Mark cut his teeth in this industry as a contractor, and now is the CEO of ECBVerdyol. When you buy Verdyol Biotic Earth™ from us - you're buying from one of your own! We're hydroseeders who saw a need for a product and so we made it! And we want to reward you for choosing products made by hydroseeders for hydroseeders! 

Why Verdyol Biotic EarthTM?

  • Created by Hydroseeding Experts
  • All Natural Organic Matter, Nutrients + Microbes
  • Superior Soil Water Holding Capabilities
  • Regenerative Microbial Soil Activity
  • Considerable Cost + Time Savings
  • Faster Project Efficiency + Added Profitability
  • Better Results for Raving Customer Reviews

What is Verdyol Biotic EarthTM?

An all natural - highly effective mulch and growth medium, made of organic matter, straw, flax fibers & peat moss, that helps plants grow & prevents soil erosion.By providing nutrients & support, Verdyol Biotic EarthTM reintroduces organic matter, beneficial bacteria and Mycorrhizal fungi to depleted soils while increasing moisture retention; accelerating the soil building process and nutrient cycling, essential to the soil building process.Verdyol Biotic EarthTM is faster, better and more cost effective than top soil and comparable products, all while being 100% natural, helping us take care of the bee’s and our planet at the same time!

The Biotic Earth™ Approach

A system that works

The Biotic Earth™ approach follows the design criteria of minimizing the impact on the environment by reducing the amount of earthwork and hauling required while reducing the risks of poor vegetation establishment. Biotic Earth uses agronomical expertise that looks at combining the best organic matter, erosion control fibers, micro and macro nutrients, beneficial bacteria and fungi that make up the biotic approach to improve the existing subsoil. We bring soil and plant science, chemistry, and erosion control expertise to your project to improve vegetation growth which reduces your risk.Canadian peat moss is the base organic used in Biotic Earth. Used by green houses world wide as their preferred growth medium, peat moss comes directly from the earth, is weed free, consistent and the preferred choice of master gardeners and turf specialists.

Biotic Earth™ is a Cost Effective Solution

Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation (MIT) saved hundreds of thousands of dollars using the Biotic Earth approach on the Milner Ridge Correctional Facility’s waste water pond. Harry Schroeder, P.Eng, LEED AP said “Our expectations of the finished product has been far exceeded”, “Vegetation growth was rapid and consistent across the entire area”.Tim Lasuik P.Eng from J.R. Cousins Consulting said “This was the most economical solution given the challenge at this site, that is important in today’s cost conscious world”.

Why import topsoil if after construction the only soil component that is missing is organic matter?


What Our Customers Say

We used biotic soil on a recent project with poor soil quality. The improvement in stability and fertility was remarkable. Highly recommend for any construction job

Mark R.

Biotic soil has revolutionized my landscaping projects. The rich organic content promotes healthy plant growth, and my clients have been thrilled with the results.

Sarah G.

We switched to biotic soil for our fairways, and the results are stunning. The turf is healthier, more resilient, and requires less maintenance. It's a win-win.

Mike H.

I've seen a noticeable increase in soil health and biodiversity after implementing biotic soil in restoration projects. It's a game-changer for ecological rehabilitation.

Carlos F.



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