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VERDYOL – Biotic Earth Black (7 Lbs)

VERDYOL – Biotic Earth Black (7 Lbs)

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Vegetation needs healthy soils that contain abundant microbial activity, proper organic matter content, and nutrients in order to thrive.

Biotic Earth BSA (Biotic Soil Amendment) improves both germination expression and establishment, and long-term vegetation survivability. Close out projects faster and increase success rates on your sites by choosing the only Biotic Soil Amendment with a guaranteed 2-year product viability.

  • Enhanced Plant Growth: Our biotic soil is enriched with natural nutrients and beneficial microorganisms, promoting robust growth and vibrant foliage in your garden and lawn.
  • Improved Soil Health: Restore vitality to depleted soil with our organic blend, fostering a healthy ecosystem underground for stronger, more resilient plants above ground.
  • Sustainable Gardening: Crafted from eco-friendly ingredients, our biotic soil supports sustainable gardening practices, minimizing environmental impact while maximizing plant health.
  • Easy Application: Simply spread our biotic soil evenly across your garden or lawn and watch as it revitalizes the earth, creating the perfect foundation for lush, thriving greenery.
  • Long-lasting Results: Experience long-term benefits as our biotic soil continues to nourish your plants and enrich the soil, ensuring lasting beauty and vitality in your outdoor space.

Coverage: 150 sqft

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